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Are you in the job market and looking to further your career? Are you a business owner looking to attract and retain a talented workforce to your organization? No matter what side of the job market you’re on, we’re here to help. McHenry Talent Tools can help job seekers find the next step in their professional development and help job creators build an employee base that aligns with their mission, vision, and values.

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From local boutiques to large-scale manufacturers, the City of McHenry is home to numerous businesses across a broad spectrum of economic sectors. Check out the list of local companies and find the perfect position to suit your skillset.

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City of McHenry

333 S. Green St.


Renowned Building Solutions

2808  W. IL Route 120


Valerie’s Salon Spa & Boutique

Valerie Ziebel

3402 W Elm St.


Natural Therapy Wellness Center

Jon Petersen

1307 Court St.


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The City of McHenry is the perfect place to build a skilled, enthusiastic workforce. If you’re a business in the City of McHenry and want to have your business listed, fill out the form below along with open positions and contact information. Your business vision starts with hiring the right employees — let us help you find them.

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The McHenry Economic Development Department is always ready to help businesses. For more information on talent attraction and retention assistance, call Doug Martin, Director of Economic Development, at 815-363-2110 or Dorothy Wolf, Economic Development Coordinator, at 815-363-2175.